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Keys to Increasing Conversion Rates – Watch the Webinar

June 9, 2020

At LQ Digital, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and performance marketing is part of our core. We have always viewed CRO as an important tool to maximize conversion from your marketing channels  – that’s even more true now given the impact COVID has had on marketing budgets. Right now, the market is uncertain and budgets are under even greater scrutiny. Therefore, your channels have to work even harder and perform more efficiently.

In our latest webinar, Phil Strohl, VP of Strategic Accounts details strategies to get the most out of your performance marketing and increase your CRO by outlining:

  1. How to build your CRO plan, such as your strategy, design / UX, technical support and testing.
  2. A list of persuasion tactics for potential customers to convert.
  3. How to develop conversion profiles to drive good hypothesis and test development.
  4. The right tools, teams and processes to build on for success.
  5. A list of questions to ask your agency to get the most out of your performance marketing.

Watch the webinar below.

At LQ Digital, we’ve captured a lot of data over the last 15 years on what scores as best-in-class digital performance (search, social, affiliate). At this time we want to contribute by sharing our data, knowledge and expertise to help your company survive this turbulent time and provide relief.

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