The power of personal contact

For your best customers, a timely touch point can nudge a no to a yes. Our Contact Center helps you do just that, by fielding inbound and outbound calls, texts and emails.

Drive 30-35% more qualified leads.



of our inquiries follow an exact, scripted process. So our data on both new and qualified leads is pristine.


15 seconds

to respond to leads; and we successfully transfer 40–60% of those contacted leads.


30+ million

leads qualified to date.

  • Connect across channels

    We follow up with people in the way they prefer, by email, phone and text. Our LQ Cadence system helps boost conversion.

  • Work with onshore experts

    Our specialists are hired in-house and onshore. They’re trained in the likes of finance and operations – and in making a great first impression.

  • Track and measure everything

    Our contact tracking tool keeps things consistent, with scripted flows and detailed notes that spark useful insights.

  • Stay compliant

    We follow TCPA industry guidelines for calls, emails, and texts. So you can be confident that your sales outreach is in line with local laws.

  • Spotting your trends

    We map millions of calls back to our LQ data model. See how your call cadence and qualification rates stack up across industry benchmarks – so when a customer says no, you’ll know exactly why.

Scale your sales

Think of us as the front lines to your sales team. Bring us into…

  • Field inbound leads

    Be sure that every prospect who reaches out gets to speak to a live agent right away. We answer your inbound leads and transfer the qualified ones to you.

  • Move fast and first

    To win someone’s business, you need to win the race to get them on the phone – first. And we’re already dialing. We answer leads in about 15 seconds.

  • Nurture at each step

    Keep a close eye on prospects at each step of their buying journey. We’re quick to follow up with promising customers to keep them engaged at every stage.

  • Revive older leads

    If prospects have fallen off the radar, slowed down or hit a snag, we’ll work to get them right back. We follow up with prospects as needed, so you don’t lose any opportunities.

  • Set appointments

    Use our convenient appointment services to make it easy for prospects to connect with your sales team. No more doing that date and time dance over email.

Put us to the test.

We’re always up for a challenge. Let’s see how we measure up against your current contact strategy.

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