Meet LQ Cadence

LQ Cadence is an outbound campaign application that orchestrates touchpoints across Phone, SMS, and Email to advance prospects to the next sales stage.

Improve contact rate with multi-channel

Once you’ve engaged a potential customer you can improve conversion by reaching them in the channel of their choice. We combine the power of a call, a well-timed email, or an SMS to keep people moving forward through the funnel.

Deliver a seamless experience

LQ Cadence removes siloes between marketing and sales teams, ensuring no message to your prospect feels out of place or poorly timed. Our campaigns deliver synchronized messaging across channels and one consistent brand experience.

Configure rules by campaign

LQ Cadence is governed by a rules-based engine that ensures the next touchpoint follows a successful delivery of your first. You can schedule messages at specific times or abandon your cadence entirely if a prospect takes certain actions.

Rapidly test A/B campaign variations

LQ Cadence allows you to add, delete, and change the sequence of channels, all with drag and drop functionality. Test different messages or time of day and then double-down on the campaign sequence that is generating the best results.

Measure every action

Our tool links to a Tableau visualization layer, which lets us track performance metrics across every channel and every touchpoint. Evaluate the entire experience across all channels to see what’s working and what’s not, and quickly adjust.

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