Think like a digital economist

Sharp marketing meets economic impact. We’re laser-focused on the campaigns that prove that you’re adding your best customers.

What’s the difference?

  • Digital marketer
    • More customers
    • Media spend
    • Acquisition Cost
    • Return on ad spend
  • Digital economist
    • Better customers
    • Media impact
    • Marginal cost
    • Lifetime value

Digital economists focused on growth

Fine tune profitability

It’s not just about finding customers – it’s about finding the right ones. We use data to discover and profile your ideal customers. We help you measure the cost to acquire them but with the context of what their lifetime value is worth to you.

Aggressively scale

After you find your best customers, you need to reach more of them. We customize your go-to-market strategy and cherry-pick customers in the channels where they engage. Then we double down and scale up the tactics that work.

Deepen customer relationships

There’s growing to do with today’s customers, too. We use timely nurturing campaigns to suggest additional products they might be interested in and tailor campaigns that encourage them to grow with you for life.

Introduce new offerings

When you’ve got something new, we help you make a splashy debut. We’ll craft your go-to-market strategy by defining segments, testing value props, and validating hypotheses – all powered by data.

“Within the first month of working with LQ Digital, they were able to deliver three times the traffic volume (with a higher rate) at the same marketing budget.”

Jason Steele
Jason Steele
VP of Interactive Marketing

Digital economists in practice

Driven by data, digital economists use insights and signals to help you get the most of your marketing dollars and drive business growth that everyone can see – all the way up to your C suite.

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