Meet LQ Cadence

Most companies these days have a plethora of data. But it’s hard to act on, as it’s often siloed across your teams and channels. Our data platform, LQ Cadence, brings all your customer data together, from click to close. That means we are able to look across your full funnel and be sure you’re spending your dollars where they matter most.

Measure at every step

If customers are dropping off, you need to know why. We’ll help you fine-tune every stage of your customer buying journey, from click to close. We then use what we learn from closed customers to keep improving your acquisition funnel.

Invest in the right media

No one wants to optimize their business to clicks. Our data pipes feed today’s algorithms to down-funnel metrics. That way, you can be sure that every dollar you invest in media goes straight to closing a customer. Not just getting a click.

Cross channels with ease

When you’ve engaged a potential customer, how do you finalize conversion in the channel of their choice? We combine the power of a call, a well-timed email, or a simple text to keep people moving smoothly down your funnel.

Watch results in real time

The data in your channels feed directly into our model, which sits in our data lake in the cloud. With these up-to-the minute streams, we can see exactly how your message is landing with specific customers – and tweak as we go.

Keep pace with your industry

Want to know how you stack up against others? We’ve got millions of engagement points standardized in our data model. So we can help you benchmark what great looks like across your key metrics like contact and qualification rates.

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Get a sneak peak at LQ Cadence and learn how crystal clear data can take your marketing and acquisition to the next level.

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