LeadsCon Las Vegas 2023 Recap

March 17, 2023

For those who may not be familiar with LeadsCon, it is the premier gathering of lead generation and performance marketing professionals. Attendees come from all over the country to learn, network, and stay on top of the latest trends and best practices in Lead Generation. 

The LQ Digital team attended to have long-awaited face-to-face time with clients, build new relationships, and, most importantly, talk with our peers about how we tackle the challenge of driving lead generation and funnel conversion in 2023 and beyond. 

LQ Digital’s CEO, Katy Keim, was honored to speak alongside some of the industry’s best leaders at LeadsCon. In her first session, she talked to Geoff Hill, Head of Mortgage Direct Sales at Truist, about “the pivot to purchase” and how lenders can generate more loans in the current hyper-competitive purchase market. 

In her second session, she demonstrated how to boost conversion performance by implementing and executing a recapture strategy with LQ Cadence. Topics covered by other speakers included driving value with AI, staying secure and compliant, and scaling your contact center with omnichannel outreach and better data. 

Key takeaways

  • We’re all in this together: finding growth among economic and regulatory uncertainty is no easy challenge – and it will require doing more with less if we want to scale.
  • Data comes first: we can’t afford to ignore a single step of the acquisition funnel and must utilize quantitative metrics as much as possible to test and improve constantly.
  • Omnichannel is the only option: to provide the best customer experience, regardless of vertical, prospects must be reached via phone, sms, and email.
  • Better leads > More leads: Marketing and Sales teams must be proactive about improving the customer experience; otherwise, rising media costs will kill your ROI.

Next Steps

Despite Q1 coming to an end, there’s still time to implement change and improve conversion performance within your organization – regardless of size or vertical. Below are some of the actionable steps we think you should be taking before the year is over: 

1. Improve Speed-to-lead

The most crucial tactic you can immediately implement into any sales process is the speed at which you follow up with new leads. LQ Cadence allows us to follow up with any prospect on any channel in a matter of seconds – and we won’t be surprised when this becomes the new norm (just like webpage load times).

2. Channel Orchestration 

We often hear from marketers that once a lead is passed off to sales, that’s it. No triggers or signals are sent back to the marketing team when a lead is really good (or really bad). The ONLY way to remove these siloes is to track every stage of the sales funnel and how your outreach strategy impacts funnel velocity. This means understanding what channels to leverage (phone, sms, email) and the timing of each cadence. This is all in service of building a customer journey that maximizes performance.

3. Message Alignment

Utilizing an omnichannel strategy also requires every message to be consistent regardless of the channel delivering it. This requires coordination across Sales and Marketing to ensure all call scripts, SMS copy, and emails have a singular message that are working in concert.

4. Test, Test, Test

You can never test a campaign, headline, channel, or message too much. What is critical about A/B testing a channel or message is that you do it consistently. If you’re handing thousands of leads a month, it is imperative that you not only constantly test what messages, what channels, and what time leads are most likely to convert but that you constantly are doubling down on what’s working and pulling out from what’s not. 

No matter what your unique situation calls for, LQ Digital has the capability to efficiently identify the most significant gaps in your conversion funnel and implement a strategy and supporting tactics to improve your conversion rate and overall sales process. Tackle just one of these action items, and we guarantee you will see a lift in conversion performance. Tackle all four and rest assured knowing that you have conquered the conversion problem we all currently face.

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