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Target Customers With Data: Watch the Webinar

July 15, 2020

When the pandemic first broke in March, the instinct for many businesses was pull back their marketing and ‘wait and see’ before making any big moves. That made sense at the time, we all wanted to observe the pending changes we never thought we’d witness.  However, months later, even with debates on how and when to reopen, businesses cannot afford to continue to ‘wait out’ the uncertainty. If they want to survive, they have to focus on their growth strategy – which inevitably must be revisited in a post covid world.

In our last video, we interviewed Monica Niblack, VP of Strategic Accounts and growth expert, to identify the key components of a successful growth strategy and how putting together a growth thesis can help marketers make a positive economic impact on the bottom line. You can watch the video here. Continuing with our growth series – we interviewed Patrick Wang, Chief Digital Officer here at LQ Digital to learn more about how to use data to find, target and attract the right LTV customers in this new era that will contribute to business growth.

The reality is the pandemic hasn’t just changed the economic environment, it has also potentially changed your entire ideal customer profile. What worked a few months ago, will no longer work now as customer behaviors, patterns, needs and targets have changed. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing – we’re finding that by looking into the data, many of our clients are able to open themselves up to entirely new business opportunities and customer targets they never would have prioritized before. That means by targeting these new customers – they’ve been able to find growth that is more sustainable and long reaching, yes, even now. If you follow the data  – you can indeed create growth for your business, you just have to know where to look.

Watch the webinar below to get started.

If you need help to identify gaps in your current funnel and to carve out the data you need to target the right customers for long term growth, reach out to us. We offer a free 2 week benchmark assessment so you know where to prioritize your dollar, where to cut media spend and where to target your LTV customers. Email us at or fill out our digital assessment here.