24% More Insurance Policies Issued With 11% Less Sales Cost

A top-10 US Auto Insurance provider was looking to increase the number of new policies issued, by increasing the number of customers who received a quote that converted into policies. Reducing the number of quote-not-sold leads represented a sizable financial opportunity. Prior attempts had failed because Sales was too busy pursuing fresh new leads to consistently follow-up. And low-cost channels like email were 1-size fits all, not tailored, and not able to push customers to take action.

LQ Digital stepped in using LQ Cadence to combine SMS + phone outreach to solve this problem over 3 mos. The result? Client data confirmed a drastic increase in policies issued with a significant increase in sales efficiency and lower sales cost.

  • A/B test over 3 mos Q4’2023
    • Integrated phone + SMS + email campaigns
    • Offered consumers multiple conversion options: A) schedule a call back, B) click-to-call our agent back, or C) a link to a landing page to complete the application process without a call
    • LQ provided end-to-end tracking of all clicks, opt outs and conversions, by audience, to identify how different consumer segments chose to engage the various conversion pathways in order to build more targeted and customized campaign variants in 2nd phase
  • 24% INCREASE in policies issued vs control group
  • 11% REDUCTION in Sales agent calls / costs vs control group

Cadence Case Study slide v1 Jan 2024