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Using the Phone to Capture New Opportunities: Watch the Webinar

May 19, 2020

Here at LQ Digital, we’re big fans of the phone. We’ve seen first hand how the use of a contact center can help scale businesses and capture new opportunities that otherwise would’ve fallen through the cracks. During the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve found this to be even more true.

While some industries may be struggling, others are finding that they are getting an influx of consumer requests to take advantage of lower interest rates or other opportunities. Other industries are finding that customer requests for contact are going through the roof. So how can industries capitalize on the growing demand and need for personalized communication – especially when they have limited resources and don’t know if the demand will require long-term and permanent staffing changes?

We interviewed Doug Johnson, VP and General Manager of our contact centers here at LQ Digital to uncover how industries can strike that necessary balance and how the use of the phone and contact centers can help to set expectations and capture new opportunities during such a critical time.

Take just 15 minutes to watch our webinar for key findings and takeaways, such as:

  1. Don’t send your sales people to chase every lead you have, you’ll squander resources and lose opportunities.
  2. Look for ways to create bandwidth by looking internally at your resources and/or look to 3rd party providers for a contact center to triage requests and qualify customers.
  3. Provide clear expectations – communicate with customers that they are valuable and while you may not have a sales person available to speak to them now, let them know when they will reach out. Also consider appointment setting.
  4. Use of a contact center can provide enormous resources – tie your data and your contact center findings together to uncover new opportunities and define where your marketing dollars should be spent.

At LQ Digital, we’ve captured a lot of data over the last 15 years on what scores as best-in-class digital performance (search, social, affiliate). At this time we want to contribute by sharing our data, knowledge and expertise to help your company survive this turbulent time and provide relief.

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