Data Science

Meet LQ Cadence and Turn Messy Data into Smarter Acquisition

November 29, 2021

We all know data is important. But it’s messy. Really messy. With CRM systems, multiple platforms, teams and more, there is more data being recorded now than ever before. The problem is it’s stored everywhere, in multiple different silos with many different owners. It’s hard and complicated to unravel it all to accurately identify what’s important, what’s useful and what’s not. Even when you’re able to find and wrap your arms around all of your data, it’s still daunting to focus on what data can actually make a monetary difference to your business.  However, it’s not impossible. Unless you’re a data company, you don’t have the infrastructure, training or expertise to do this. But we do.

At LQ Digital, data is at the core of everything that we do. We’ve made it our mission to identify it, store it, process and analyze it in a way that can drive true, sustainable, long-term business growth. That’s why we developed LQ Cadence, the data platform that is the basis for our premium service and responsible for aiding growth for our clients.

LQ Cadence enables us to track, measure and benchmark your data to accurately identify, find and convert your most valuable customers.

Here’s how it works:

  1. LQ Cadence takes data from real time data feeds, such as ad campaigns, contact centers and client CRM and integrates that information into our LQ Data Model.
  2. With the LQ Data Model, we’re able to view rich data intelligence, with reporting, visualization layers and so much more that you would never get from just one platform, CRM model or excel spreadsheet. With it we can identify and profile the right customer segmentation to grow your business and create industry benchmarks to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  3. This data intelligence leads to action. The ability to manage multi-channel campaigns, optimize paid media and create a contact cadence strategy.


All of this leads to more high value customers, that close faster and spend more. The best part is we’re able to iterate on campaigns quickly and feed new data back into our LQ Cadence program so your campaigns are improving in real time.

You could spend hundreds of hours—and hundreds of thousands of dollars—deploying your own martech stack. Or you can leverage ours, pay less, and get our expert management at every step. You get digital economists and media experts in your corner who are armed with LQ Cadence, allowing us to interpret your data and apply it to get more customers.

We’ve gathered the top digital tools to make our platform even more powerful.

  1. We use Twilio to power our call center and inbound/outbound SMS solution. This flexible, future-forward tool lets us fine-tune our communication cadence to improve qualification rates.
  2. Tableau lets us visualize large quantities of data much more quickly and powerfully than Excel. With it, teams can easily spot trends and act on usable segments of data.
  3. We host our entire architecture on AWS, a powerful enterprise grade platform for running our marketing analytics and contact center operation
  4. We’ve spent 15 years perfecting our own Agent Desktop that’s tailored specifically for customer qualification. Our custom app helps you to track lead to conversion, with robust contact and qualification metrics to highlight where operational improvements must be made. Dynamic scripting allows us to manage different campaigns, by geography or by audience type.

This unique, and carefully orchestrated set of tools, expertise and data modeling has helped us to take clients to new levels of growth, including opening up new customer segments, channels, and markets. Because that’s what it means to truly harness data for business growth. And that’s what we do best.

Leave the complicated to us. See what LQ Cadence can do for you. Download the datasheet to learn more.