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LQ Digital to Host “Candidates at the Cantina” Recruiting Event in Albuquerque

August 4, 2021

Press Release: August 4, 2021

LQ Digital, a rapidly growing digital marketing firm headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, is opening a regional hub in Albuquerque. In preparation for its grand opening in early October, the company is hosting a unique hiring event to go with the company’s fun culture – Candidates at the Cantina on Tuesday, August 17th from 5pm – 7pm.

“Our growth has been amazing, and we attribute it to our spirit of hustle and pride in the way that we operate our business. When it came time to open a new location, we searched the country for the right city whose values matched our own. We found that kindred spirit in Albuquerque” said Katy Keim, LQ Digital CEO.

LQ Digital will hire 100 employees for its new contact center and has identified its first critical 30-40 hires as “Groundbreakers” both because of their role in LQ’s future success, but also due to their ability to define the company’s local presence and culture from the ground up.

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LQ Digital focuses on long-term growth for its clients by helping them find their most profitable customers across digital channels. The company creates demand through digital media marketing programs—Facebook, Google and Affiliate Marketing—and then qualifies those leads through its world–class contact center. The company is building its company in Albuquerque with the goal of growing its contact center, an integral part of its business.

“The groundbreakers are people who enjoy serving customers and being part of a company that values truth, pride, ownership and hustle – our core values,” Keim added. “There is no limit to where people can go with the company, so we definitely are looking for people seeking a long-term opportunity.”

“LQ is looking for ‘can-do’ hard workers and people with honest attitudes,” said Danielle Casey, Albuquerque Economic Development CEO. “We know Albuquerque has thousands of people that meet that criteria, and we are thrilled to welcome LQ Digital to their new home in the recently remodeled First Plaza building downtown.”


While LQ Digital is based in Oakland, California and has additional sites in Shelton, Connecticut and Austin, Texas, the key to its success will be building the Albuquerque office with local knowledge and leadership.

“In our journey with the Economic Development teams and local leaders, we learned a lot about companies who open offices here and ‘export’ their operating plan to the local market. That struck us as odd,” said Keim. “What makes Albuquerque so fantastic is the talent and culture we feel is already here. We are searching for leadership who shares our values and can tailor the LQ Digital approach to our employees here.”


LQ Digital will host “Candidates at the Cantina” on Tuesday, August 17th from 5-7pm at the Cantina Real at 601 Commercial NE. The event will be a celebration of the company’s launch in Albuquerque, a networking event with local business leaders and partners and an opportunity for key candidates to apply for interviews.

LQ Digital will hire 100 employees for the new contact center, and the first 30 hires are poised to earn special perks as “groundbreaking” employees. To register for the event, people should go to

With an impressive employee package, new hires will be well compensated and appreciated in a fun, supportive culture. They will also enjoy monthly lunches, free parking, quarterly bonuses, and a clear promotion path. “Because the Groundbreakers are so critical to the company’s future plans, we are offering an exciting $1,000 referral bonus to jumpstart our operation,” Keim explained.