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LQ Digital Launches Outbound Campaign Application to Orchestrate Multi-Channel Messages and Boost Conversion Rates

September 14, 2022

LQ Cadence integrates phone calls, SMS, and email activities into a single SaaS interface to realize a 10-25% increase in pulling prospects through the funnel.

Oakland, California, September 15, 2022 – LQ Digital, a performance marketing agency focused on generating digital leads and converting them through the funnel, has released its newest tech-enabled service offering, LQ Cadence, to assist clients in getting more from their lead generation investments.

Built to strengthen the company’s TCPA-compliant, premium lead qualification services, LQ Digital now integrates phone calls, SMS, and email messages into a single campaign management application, allowing rapid deployment and constant revision of multi-channel outbound campaigns.

A Seamless, Orchestrated Customer Experience

LQ Cadence is designed to reach and convert more sales opportunities by using the consumer’s preferred communication method. Too often, consumers experience an ill-timed, duplicative, or uncoordinated message, resulting in a poor experience and a lost sale.

LQ Cadence removes the siloes between Marketing and Sales Teams and designs a single customer journey, ensuring no step in the contact strategy feels out of place or poorly timed. LQ Cadence pulls from a library of approved voice scripts, text, and email messages for each campaign, ensuring clients deliver synchronized messaging across channels and a consistent brand experience.

In all cases, clients use LQ Cadence to advance prospects or customers to the next sales stage:

  • Leverage SMS to “warm” prospects and let them know you are trying to reach them
  • Connect via phone to qualify customers and transfer them to qualified sales personnel
  • Direct customers via SMS to set a call for a more convenient time
  • Allow clients to return an inbound call based on visual voicemail callback
  • Nurture customers via email that are not ready to buy today but will soon be in-market
  • Capture market intelligence from prospects that decline a sale

“Over our 17-year history, clients have consistently relied on us to move faster than they can execute internally and drive improved performance over time,” said Katy Keim, CEO at LQ Digital. “LQ Cadence is built to add to this value. We eliminate coordination challenges across departments and channels and provide a platform where constant campaign changes drive better and better results.”

Built for Today’s Test + Learn Mentality

Today’s lead generation professionals know that the work performance improvements are never done and campaigns must be continuously optimized to generate better results. LQ Cadence empowers a test and learn mentality by offering detailed operating KPIs per channel, including open, click through, contact, and qualification metrics to help clients determine the right channel, right message, and right time.

Once armed with data, clients can then adjust campaign sequences including A/B testing of two or more sequences in a certain campaign. LQ Cadence allows clients to duplicate a campaign structure and then add, delete, or change contact touchpoints in order to measure the impact to their campaign results. Clients can test a variety of changes including:

  • Timing phone calls only at lunchtime for a specific offer
  • Altering the pricing of a promotion in two different emails
  • Running a sequence only in SMS to a segment of Millennial buyers

Ultimately, LQ Clients can then double down on the sequence that generates the best outcomes.

How Does it Work?

Campaigns are designed within the application’s SaaS interface, and complex outbound sequences can be created in minutes with drag-and-drop functionality. LQ Cadence is governed by a rules-based engine that ensures the next touchpoint follows a successful delivery from the previous touchpoint. The platform is fully configurable for campaign changes, including:

  • Scheduling phone calls and SMS messages at specific times of day or week or set specific intervals between touchpoints
  • Restarting or abandoning a cadence entirely if a prospect acts, such as responds with an inbound phone call or requests “STOP” to a message
  • Shifting to a long-term email nurture sequence if the prospect is not actively “in market”

LQ Cadence is available immediately and ready for campaign activation. LQ Digital clients and prospects can register here for a live demo on September 29th at 10am PST and additional information about LQ Cadence can be found at the link below:

Learn More About LQ Cadence

About LQ Digital

LQ Digital solves the problem many companies struggle with in the digital age: how to drive profitable growth. LQ achieves this for market-leading brands such as PenFed, Morningstar, VM Ware, and McAfee by driving digital demand generation (paid search, paid social, affiliate marketing) and maximum conversions through a “speed to lead” approach in its contact center. LQ combines these sales and marketing tactics to generate impressive top-line growth but at an LTV/CAC which accelerates both the top and bottom line. Underpinning LQs approach is its proprietary outbound platform, LQ Cadence; a unique focus on digital economics; and a compelling pay-for-performance commercial model.