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Check out LQ Cadence in our live demonstration

September 30, 2022

LQ Digital solves a big problem many companies struggle with in the digital age: how to drive profitable growth. We do this for leading brands such as Morningstar, PenFed and Truist by driving digital demand generation (paid search, paid social, affiliate marketing, and so on) and then squeezing the most out of these conversions through a “speed to lead” approach in our contact center.

Underpinning our speed to lead approach is LQ Cadence—our outbound campaign application that orchestrates touchpoints across phone, SMS, and email messages to advance leads down the sales and marketing funnel.

To see LQ Cadence in action, please watch our Live Demo of the tool below. Our CTO Patrick Wang demonstrates how LQ Cadence improves contact and conversion rates by reaching the right customers, at the right time, on their preferred channel.

If you’d like more details on how LQ Cadence can improve your conversion rates, please download the LQ Cadence Datasheet or contact us by filling out the form below: