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Business Growth in a Post Covid World: Watch the Webinar

June 23, 2020

The initial freeze and react mode we all had when the covid pandemic first hit is over. It’s now time for businesses to pivot and to start focusing on their growth goals and strategy in a post covid world. But how can businesses get started and how can marketers help businesses reach their growth goals?

As part of our Digital Planning video series, we interviewed Monica Niblack, VP of Strategic Accounts and growth expert, to identify the key components of a successful growth strategy and how putting together a growth thesis can help marketers make a positive economic impact on the bottom line.

  1. Putting together a growth thesis gives you direction. A growth thesis is a concept to help you highlight what you are trying to accomplish as a team for your business. Think of it as your north star.
  2. Identify and redefine what your goals are today – this is not a normal year! Your goals have changed.
  3. Your marketing & growth teams need to align with the goals of your company and the key economic values.
  4. Goals and tactics need to be clear, measurable, within your control, have a defined timeline and tie into your companies business goals.

Watch the webinar below to build your own growth thesis and get buy in from the rest of your organization for added success.

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