Company Background:  LQ Digital is a cross channel sales acceleration company, we help our clients acquire customers leveraging digital media channels like Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, and the Display Ad Exchanges as well as develop and execute fully integrated marketing to sales campaigns with our U.S. based call center.

We are looking for a Data analyst with skills to consolidate data through ETL processes, and to deliver daily reporting to key management decision makers.  The data and reporting –

Position Responsibilities:

  1. Support the development of business requirements to consolidate, aggregate and analyze marketing and operational data.
  2. Slice, dice and analyze the data to answer questions like: Which marketing channels are most effective?  When should our outbound calls be made to maximize contact rates?  How many people do we need to staff hour by hour for our call center?
  3. Work with multiple business stakeholders and owners to solve business problems with data.
  4. Develop and maintain the data reporting infrastructure for the organization.
  5. Support productization of the reports and analytical models.

Position Expectations:

  1. Show willingness, interest, and self-drive to use data to solve the business problems.
  2. Able to analyze data that is in any form and shape, and draw actionable insights.
  3. Demonstrate expertise and experience with business intelligence and data visualization tools.
  4. Show absolute attention to detail and a strong capacity for problem solving.

Be a true team player with the ability to have fun!

Skills and Experiences

Desired Qualifications: 

  1. A Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or Statistics or Economics or Engineering.
  2. 1-2 years of previous data analysis, data mining, or business analytics experience in a professional setting.
  3. 1-2 years of experience in doing complex data analysis using Excel formulas, pivot tables and macros.
  4. 1-2 years of professional experience in writing queries to interact with relational and non-relational databases. (MySQL, SQL Server, Mongo DB, etc)
  5. 1-2 years of professional experience in building programs using scripting languages. (PHP, Java Script, Python, etc)
  6. 1-2 years of professional experience in using BI tools. (Tableau or Power BI)
  7. Professional or academic experience in building statistical models (descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, or descriptive). (R, SAS, etc)  
  8. Previous experience working with clients in an agency setting, preferred but not required


We recruit only the most qualified candidates, and offer continual training and growth opportunities (not to mention all the snacks you can consume and a game room). We believe that a happy and productive team results in happy clients - and we love making our clients look awesome. 

Qualified candidates: please submit your resume and cover letter to

Salary is commensurate with experience.

Contact: Emeryville, CA